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McAllister, L., Pepper, G., Hackman, J., Virgo, S., Sobraske, K., Coall, D., (2016) The evolved psychological mechanisms of fertility motivation: Hunting for causation in a sea of correlation. Philosophical Transactions B. 371 (1692), Article no. 20150151

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Gurven, M., Winking,J., Kaplan, H., von Rueden, C., McAllister,L. (2009) A bioeconomic approach to marriage and the sexual division of labor. Human Nature. 20(2):151-183

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Does the method of delivery affect the punchline? An evaluation of priming effects and survey responses across three methodological conditions. Presented to: Human Behavior and Evolution Society, Boston, MA.

Too sick to have another baby: Effects of perceived health on family planning in the Bolivian Amazon. Presented to: American Association of Physical Anthropology; Atlanta, GA.

Adolescent pregnancy in the Bolivian Amazon: precocious investment in reproduction compromises maternal and infant growth. Presented to: University of California Global Health Day (2014)

The determinants and consequences of women‘s fertility preferences and fertility outcomes in a rapidly acculturating Amerindian population. Presented to: Vienna Institute of Demography (2010): VID/REPRO Conference "From intentions to behaviour: reproductive decision-making in a macro-micro perspective”